Nearly a Century of Dependability, Efficiency and Innovation

Rich in history and innovation, our heritage dates back nearly a century, when McKenna Boiler first set up shop in Southern California. Since then, we’ve been an integral part of the growth and industrialization of local and international businesses that are seeking dependable and innovative boiler products to streamline their operations.


Pioneering the Gold Standard

Ahead of his time and known for his innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, JB McKenna launched McKenna Boiler in 1921, a riveted boiler manufacturing and service shop in Los Angeles. The company quickly gained a reputation for designing quality products that perform under harsh manufacturing conditions, and began to grow by word-of-mouth recommendations. In the 1930’s, Guy Smith, a relative of McKenna, joined the business and brought in his own expertise and knowledge, designing and developing the innovative Scotch Marine style units that are still used today.